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Unveiling the Perfect Guide: Essential Traits to Seek in a Trusted Advisor for Overcoming Betrayal

There are likely many qualified coaches who can help you deal with betrayal, and it's important to find someone who is a good fit for your needs and goals.

Here are a few things you might consider when looking for a trusted advisor:

Look for someone who resonates with you, someone you feel comfortable sharing with.

Consider their experience and qualifications. Do they have specific training or experience related to betrayal and relationships?

Look for someone who is a good fit for your personality and needs. It's important to feel comfortable and supported by your trusted advisor.

Check out their website or social media presence to get a sense of their approach and style.

Consider their availability and location. Do they offer virtual coaching or in-person sessions, and are they convenient for you to access?

Ask for references or testimonials from past clients. This can give you a sense of their effectiveness and style.

Be sure to communicate your needs and goals clearly with any potential trusted advisor. 

It's important to work with someone who understands your specific situation and can help you achieve your goals.

 Healing and Moving Forward: Managing Your Emotions When Your Ex-Wife Expresses Hatred

Question:  My ex-wife acts like she completely hates me when I was great to her throughout the whole relationship. I had my faults, sure, but I was a good husband. She cheated on me and now she treats me with disgust. It's very confusing.

What to do?


I'm sorry to hear that you went through this difficult experience with your ex-wife. It sounds like you're feeling confused and hurt by her behavior after the infidelity. It's understandable that you're seeking answers and validation for your feelings.

It is common for people who have affairs to direct their anger toward their spouse as a way to deal with their own guilt and pain. This can be a difficult and confusing dynamic to navigate, especially when it feels like the person who was unfaithful is treating you with disdain.

It's important to remember that everyone deals with difficult experiences differently and it's possible that your ex-wife is acting out of a need to cope with the aftermath of the affair. However, it's also important to take care of yourself and not let her behavior affect your self-worth. Betrayal can be a traumatic experience and it's okay to seek support and guidance in healing from it.

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What's The Difference Between a Trusted Advisor for Betrayal Recovery 
and a Therapist?

The term "trusted advisor" goes beyond subject matter expertise and refers to a personal relationship in which the advisor is a confidential sounding board for ethical and moral dilemmas faced by organizational leaders and decision-makers. 
As the author of the book, Dealing with the Devastation of Your Partner's Betrayal: What to do When Your World Falls Apart, it's important to understand that my role as a trusted advisor involves being consistent, giving reasoning and options, challenging assumptions, and having a sense of humor to diffuse tension in tough situations.

Being a trusted advisor is about earning trust and maintaining it by consistently exhibiting positive traits, which I uphold each and every day. Read the 9 points to consider when hiring a Betrayal Recovery Specialist:

Empowering Books for Healing and Recovery: Discover Vanessa Cardenas' Insights as the Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Dealing With The Devastation of Your Partner's Betrayal

What To Do When Your World Falls Apart

Betrayal book by Vanessa Cardenas
E-book Got betrayed immediate action steps to take today

Dealing With The Devastation of Your Partner's Betrayal: 

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Over 500 Ways to Talk to a New Man After Betrayal

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Betrayal book by Vanessa Cardenas
E-book Got betrayed immediate action steps to take today

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