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Your Trusted Guide for Betrayal & Transformation: Personalized Healing Resources & Confidential Support

Vanessa Cardenas, Betrayal Recovery Specialist

Your Trusted Guide for Betrayal & Transformation: Personalized Healing Resources & Confidential Support

Empower Your Healing Journey:
Choose the Right Guide for Rebuilding Trust
and Transforming Your Life

When it comes to achieving true healing, the choice of your guide is crucial. So, what importance do you place on your own well-being?


My mission is to support individuals eager to heal from intimate partner betrayal and heartbreak, acting as a trusted companion on your journey towards a renewed life after betrayal.

I encourage you to sign up for a complimentary consultation. 

Together, we'll assess your needs and determine the best-suited commitment for you. Embrace the opportunity to invest in yourself and embark on a transformative healing journey with the right support by your side.

Unlock Your Path to Transformation: 
Ignite the Power of Healing and Personal Growth 
with My Expert Support

Embark on the awe-inspiring journey of self-discovery and healing, where dedicated clients achieve incredible results. While individual outcomes may differ, your commitment to the process can unleash the following remarkable accomplishments:

  • Overcome heartbreak and intimate partner betrayal.

  • Realize your most ambitious goals.

  • Cultivate unshakable confidence and genuine authenticity.

  • Attain clarity and direction for a captivating vision of your future.

  • Acquire powerful tools to vanquish fears and doubts.

  • Summon the courage to follow your heart and venture beyond your comfort zone.

  • Generate unstoppable forward momentum in your life.

  • Formulate a strategic game plan for a thriving future.

How long does the transformation take?

Substantial change can be attained within just 3 months, although some clients experience profound transformations in as little as 1-2 months. 

Many opt to continue their journey with me as their trusted adviser, ensuring they stay aligned with their ever-evolving priorities and dreams. 

Get ready to experience the life-altering impact of my expert guidance and support – your extraordinary future awaits!

Unwavering Confidence in Your Healing Journey: Experience the Power of Expert Guidance for Overcoming Betrayal and Heartbreak, 
with a Full Refund Guarantee

I am wholeheartedly confident that my expert guidance will help you find the strength to heal after experiencing betrayal. When you commit to 3 months of dedicated work and apply the principles I teach for overcoming intimate partner betrayal and heartbreak, I believe you'll start to see healing take shape in your life.

In the unlikely event that you don't feel better and witness the beginnings of healing after diligently following the program for 3 months, I offer a full refund guarantee. 

I am dedicated to your success and well-being, and I stand by the effectiveness of my guidance and support in helping you transform your life. Embark on this journey toward healing and self-discovery with confidence, knowing that your well-being is my utmost priority.

You are not alone with me as your guide on your side 

during your healing journey

Need Help Now - Intensive "Feel Better after Betrayal" Session

This one session for up to 4 hours is for you if you are looking to get a handle on 

where your life is suddenly taking you, need support right away, or want an understanding ear to truly see and hear you.

(Please provide the best way to reach you; my assistant will contact you to book an appointment)







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Check in - One and done

This one session for up to 90 minutes is for you if you are looking to get a handle on where your life is right at this moment

A check-in for former clients or those wanting more yet not ready to make a commitment 

Mental Fitness 

This package is for you if you are looking to experience immediate and sustained improvements 

in both your well-being and relationships.

The PQ Program grows your three core mental fitness muscles within six weeks.

 The breakthrough app delivers personalized daily practices that result in 

powerful new habits for a positive mind


  • 8 x 75-minute group weekly Zoom sessions 

  • 4 X 60-minute one on one Zoom sessions

  • 1 x 45-minute on-boarding Zoom session

  • Access to award-winning app

  • Self-paced weekly video access

  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions


Click here for additional details

All-in Coaching (most popular)

This package is for you if you want to heal from heartbreak.
(Intimate Partner Betrayal)

You will reclaim yourself and take back your life.

• 11 x 60-minute one-on-one Zoom sessions 

• 2 x 90-minute intensive one-on-one Zoom sessions

• 12 x 60-minute monthly group Zoom sessions

• Email and chat support between coaching sessions

• Various GrowthWork tools to enhance coaching sessions

• Free 6-month access to additional workshops

• Short-term goal setting

• Long-term goal setting


Experience Personalized Support and Exceptional Service: Limited Clientele for Maximum Focus and Impactful Results

Please be aware that I prioritize providing exceptional service and outstanding results to my clients, and therefore, I typically work with a maximum of eight individuals at any given time. This focused approach allows me to be fully invested in each person's unique journey and success.

As a coach who has trained fellow coaches, I have an extensive network of colleagues whom I can recommend should my current client roster be full and my waitlist too long for your needs. 

Rest assured that your well-being and progress are always at the forefront, and I am committed to ensuring you receive the best possible support on your path to transformation.

Do I accept insurance?

Coaching services are not generally covered by insurance. However, many corporations are moving toward implementing more wellness benefits and mental health support into employee benefit packages. Check with your company to see if they will provide partial or full coverage for your coaching services.

All fees are paid in advance. 

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