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Navigating Betrayal to Empowerment: Testimonials on Vanessa Cardenas' Expert Guidance

What others have to say about their experiences working with Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation.

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Your Trusted Guide for Betrayal & Transformation: Personalized Healing Resources & Confidential Support

Vanessa is truly amazing. Her approach brought me clarity and direction. I came to her utterly lost, broken, confused, and deeply conflicted as to whether to stay in my marriage. With guided support and a truly empathic ear, she helped me fill the gap between where I was and where I so desperately wanted to be. She helped me identify my true fear, which wasn’t what I thought it was when we first met.

Without judgment, she brought me to clarity so I could see the direction I truly wanted to take.

She held me accountable in the carefully crafted plan we developed to reach my highest dreams, not only in my marriage but in all aspects of my life. In six short months, my whole world completely transformed. Vanessa gave me the confidence and encouragement to be the best version of myself.

I remain forever grateful.

Valerie M.

New York

Within minutes, Coach Vanessa managed to pinpoint the root cause of my discomfort and angst before making a big decision about the next steps in my life. She helped me find clarity in the situation and develop action steps on how to approach it for a calmer and easier transition. I am grateful to Vanessa for her amazing skill of steering the conversation away from unrelated topics and focusing it on the outcome I was looking for.

Zan C.

New Zealand

I sought out Vanessa’s coaching support to reach one of the most important decisions in my life. After six weeks of coaching with Vanessa, I gained the clarity I needed to make that decision with confidence and certainty.

Vanessa helped me find the courage to create and embrace the changes necessary to move forward and live my best life. Vanessa did not give me the answers or make my decisions. Instead, through powerful questions and insightful exercises, she helped me tap into my own knowledge and awareness to find the answers I needed from within. 

I am forever grateful!

I am so grateful to you for your skilled and compassionate coaching and will certainly keep you in mind for referrals.

Katherine V.


My experience with Vanessa was amazing and so incredibly shifting. She listened to everything I said with compassion, understanding, and genuine interest. She made me realize how something so common and easy to do, could be so profound and life-changing. 

She exudes her love for coaching and is absolutely amazing at what she does.

I will absolutely return for another session.

Amy R.

New York

A single phrase to describe my experience with Vanessa would be

I truly felt heard"—she understood my deepest intentions and ambitions. I left my session with Vanessa feeling inspired, ready to let go of my inhibitions and put myself out in the world!

Vanessa truly has a powerful gift and the kindest heart. I’m truly grateful for her utmost presence, relentless commitment, and dedication to every session.

Vanessa is truly one of a kind, and her passion to provide value to her clients is unparalleled.

Priyanka C.


I can't believe how much better I feel after our first session.

I look forward to moving mountains with you encouraging me the whole way.

Jennie R.


I met Vanessa a few weeks after a traumatic experience, which made me rethink and really make some changes in my life. Vanessa very quickly understood what was going on, and she had a great ability to keep me accountable for the most important traits in my life. Mostly because I have a tendency to diminish myself and make too many excuses for others.

Within 4 sessions, her strong, firm, yet gentle focus on what was truly important has helped me tremendously to maintain my own focus, and in the end, she has helped me to realize my own value.

Coaching sessions with Vanessa were truly an interesting experience in my life.

Thank you, Vanessa!

Ela A.


I am so blessed to have encountered a coach that I have in Vanessa. She has been able to help me explore and find the true essence of myself with her coaching abilities. She embodies strength, empathy, compassion, empowerment, everything that you would want in a coach. I feel safe with her, I am able to let go of fears and emotions that no longer serve me and embrace

the potential that lies within myself after emerging from our sessions. She gives me hope and inspires me to be unstoppable. Her coaching services are powerful​ and impactful and I would without any hesitation refer her services

to anyone who wants to find a coach that will create growth and transformation in their life.

Nicky H.

New​ Jersey

There are levels to the coaching experience. Insights can happen softly and slowly. And other times they can be bold and brisk. Having participated in 24 coaching sessions with Vanessa Cardenas, I experienced a beautiful blend of both. A powerful coach who is able to reveal those unhealed wounds, guide, and walk with you on your way towards healing.

I have full confidence in Vanessa‘s ability to beautifully impact and shift the lives of her clients. I have experienced it myself.

Dana O.


Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me

to be my ultimate authentic SELF ❤️❤️


Danielle M.

New York

Working with Vanessa was truly a blessing for me. I had felt stuck for quite some time and was looking for a way to break through those barriers that were keeping me from moving to a place of action. With her, I was able to rediscover that self-confidence that had been overshadowed by past experiences so that I could start moving forward and trusting myself once again to do powerful and amazing things with all the skills and abilities that I have to offer and serve others. Her constant encouragement and the insights that she provided were incredibly valuable.

Dr. Natalia Castelar

San Salvador, El Salvador

Your powerful questions led us to underlying issues underpinning my challenges, while simultaneously bringing about insights that caused me to pause (which was the goal that I didn't see when we started working together).  I feel so much in control of what my next steps are.  Thank you for the map.

Annie F.


To be referred to you was like winning the grand prize at the State Fair - worth all the effort to get you as my coach. You have changed my whole world. My life is completely different and so much better.

Selfishly, with so much on the horizon and all my big dreams, know that will not give up my spot with you.

Jennifer A., 

New York

You are attentive and altruistic, always giving your full attention to listen carefully. You are generous and caring in so many ways because you want to help me in the purest of ways.

You are an amazing coach and mentor because you have such patience and wisdom! ❤️

Valerie A.

South Carolina

I feel like me again - only better, stronger, and empowered - Daily check-ins were so beneficial to me and exactly what I needed and wanted. Our intensive sessions gave me the opportunity to let it all out without being focused on how much time I have left. You gave that to me as I wanted, to be heard and seen so I could build up the courage within me to make life-altering decisions without shame and doubt. Your ability to make me belly laugh through tears was a bonus.

You are my angel, God bless you

Catherine S.

New York

You take the time to truly listen and intelligently and intuitively process and purposefully reflect back in a skillful and sophisticated manner that always leaves me with insight.

Ammie P.

New York

What I appreciate about being coached by you is your devotion to knowing who I am. It’s nice knowing that someone cares about you, because it is true that it gets lonely as you climb the corporate ladder.

Alexandria L

New Jersey

❤️❤️ Thank you SO MUCH again for yesterday. I feel so much better as if the dirty glasses I have been wearing for years just came off. 

Kelsey D

New York

You are so supportive, caring, and wise—and a sacred member of my self-care inner circle. ❤️❤️

Samantha W.


I come out of our sessions feeling completely relieved of my debilitating fear, replacing it with openness, joy, feeling protected, filled with love… eager to be present and forward-thinking.

Theresa M.

New York

Anything and I mean anything that I need help with, you always help me find my way.  It's a great feeling knowing I always have your support.

Lillian L.

New Jersey

Thank you for guiding and pushing me to be who I was meant to be –  yes, I give my permission to share with the world 😊

Marilyn R

New York

I leave our sessions with a thankful heart for putting such a wonderful, wise, resourceful, intuitive, and loving person in my circle of self-care. 

Lilly T.

New Jersey

You always get me to find a solution within myself.

Sandra B

New Jersey

Amazing how much better I feel. For so long, I was feeling such heaviness. In just a few sessions, I feel 20 pounds lighter and free from the low-grade fear I have been carrying for decades. Thanks for giving me permission to put it down.

Diana K.

New York

You have an energy that makes me feel safe to share my secret desires with you and appreciate how you never judge me for any of them. ❤️❤️❤️

Christina S


You are extremely attentive and attuned, amazingly committed and loyal, and have a heart of gold. I feel so much better even weeks later. Thank you for giving me the freedom to let loose.

Abby S.

New York

You are the real deal - unabashedly real.

You never blow smoke up my ass just to make me feel better about myself but rather you weave shared details into a story that half may through your sharing, I suddenly realize that the amazing woman you are talking about is me.

Emily B.

New York

I’m still sitting in the depths of what I experienced. It was deep.

And I mean REALLY deep.

I always really feel so seen and heard during our sessions.

Rachel W.

New York.

Simply, I feel so much better - finally clear-headed and ready to take on life again without inner criticism. 

A different perspective was what I needed. Thank you for guiding me and at times holding my hand when I just needed to cry without fear or shame.

Ruth M.

New York​

Even in between sessions, you are always willing to listen during check-ins and allow me a bit of time to discuss it instead of rushing off as my previous coach did.

Farrah G.

New York

A true professional, fiercely loyal, incredibly honest, and compassionate.

I’m honored to be coached by you.

Christine D.

New Jersey

Thank you SO MUCH again for working with me on such short notice. Having you just hear and see me was exactly what I needed right at that moment. Your suggestions were an added bonus.

Ellen W.

New York

Thanks, Vanessa, a very powerful intense 4 hour session for me.

Sending much love and well wishes from Paris ❤️

Francis A.

Our intensive session was simply life-changing.  I feel so much better, armed with tools to help me stay present.

Jenny H.

New York

You have wonderful energy and such an open, engaging manner –

you are a great coach!

Mary-Beth S.

New Jersey

I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to experience Vanessa as my coach for six weeks. I came to her with the aspiration of creating massive shifts in the way I showed up in life, especially around confidence and trusting myself. It was refreshing to have someone believe in your possibilities so sincerely and create a safe space for you with utmost love and care. Vanessa knew what I needed; her attention to detail and ability to acknowledge my empathetic nature while asking the right questions without holding back was the key to shedding light on what I could not see for myself. I came out of our coaching container with much more clarity on the next phase of my life. She also helped me cultivate my long-lost passion for vocal music, which was definitely a bonus!

Vanessa, you have my deepest thanks.

P. Chitti, 


You are my hero - in the depths of my despair, there you were, with your understanding ear to guide me through...I am eternally grateful...I am a new fierce woman and couldn't be more pleased with our work together - you are a true gem.

Patty G.

New York

Hello and greetings to whoever may be reading this review. I have had the pleasure of having a couple of coaching sessions with Vanessa and wow wow wow what an amazing coach she is! Within a couple of days, my confidence was super boosted and now I feel more than ready to tackle the world!

Listen, folks you will not be disappointed in any way. She has a very calming ​demeanor; she listens; is patient and will absolutely hold YOU accountable- as it’s our time to shine and I am headed to the stars! Vanessa - Thank you for your gift and your time with me!

Cindy, W


Empowering Book for Healing and Recovery: Discover Vanessa Cardenas' Insights as the Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

 "A Gift for all hearts - healed and healing!” - Praise for Dealing with the Devastation of Your Partner's Betrayal | What to do When Your World Falls Apart

"The author’s heart-centered approach and compassionate nature on the sensitive subjects of betrayal and infidelity clearly shine through in the writing. This combined with her raw authenticity, clever conveyance of experiential wisdom, and even her sense of humor (taking a wiffle ball bat to the sofa?!? Love! LOL) kept me turning page after page. 

The creative chapter layout and effortless flow of the information interwoven amongst quotes, journal prompts, and helpful resources make this both an easy read and a personal guidebook to keep handy for future reference. Her recap at the end of numerous examples in music, books, movies, and media events of the subliminal programming being fed to the culture scape about the complexities and nuances of these subjects and their effect on the human experience is second to none.

This is clearly a must-read for anyone with personal or professional skin in the game on this topic! 🫶🏻💜”

  - Maureen Horton - NYC

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation
Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

 Transformative Leadership: Vanessa Empowers Groups to Achieve Extraordinary Results

Testimonials as a guest speaker, group facilitator, podcast guest, and other events

Empowering Moments for Healing and Recovery: Discover Vanessa Cardenas' Insights as the Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation
Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation
Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation
Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

My honor to be featured on episode 301 of Real Men Feel Podcast

Look for Part 2 - coming soon!

Being in a group hosted and moderated by Vanessa has been a truly wonderful experience for me. She created a space that is safe to be

vulnerable and at the same time challenging for our growth. Before joining her group, I did not realize how beautifully each person can support the other in their path of growth, including me. I especially love the part of her "powerful questions" at the end of each session. The results I achieved are extraordinary.

I thank Vanessa for her brilliant efforts and look forward to continuing to be part of such a great experience!

Urvashi S.

".... you are selfless almost to a fault and always aspire to make things better for everyone in any way you can. You’re eloquent in every manner and it’s more than evident when you speak. One of the things I admire most is the passion and protectiveness that you have for who you consider

your people and how loyal you always remain to them/us. I could not be more grateful to have the ability to learn from you and everything you have already taught me."

Mary R.

New York

Through her skills and encouragement, Vanessa soon had me joining in, and my confidence exploded.

Her support and service to others as a coach and facilitator are seemingly endless. She empowers me to be better than I thought I could be.  Her energy is contagious.

Vanessa is professional, infused with kindness and caring…..a beautiful soul.  

Audrey G.

Audrey G.

Vanessa is a phenomenal facilitator. Not only did she see the need, take the initiative, and create the space for smaller group pods…but she established professional, ethical, and protective guidelines for all of us to follow.

And this truly created a safe space to learn, grow, and connect at a deeper level.

I cannot speak highly enough of Vanessa. She has a perfect blend of being warm and welcoming…and yet simultaneously professional and productive.

Dana M


Vanessa is an outstanding leader and facilitator. She steps out with uninhibited confidence to fill a need wherever there is a gap. She can naturally draw groups together into a safe space to share insights and collaborate meaningfully. She puts together presentations effortlessly with pertinent and creative content. She also understands the importance of time management and respects boundaries in group sessions. She is disciplined, efficient, reliable, and dependable, running several weekly group sessions at a time. Plus has an understanding ear for anyone who speaks up in the group. She is results-oriented so every group session ends with positive outcomes. I highly recommend Vanessa.

Vanessa Van Life Girl

"The most important things are the hardest things to say…

 locked within, not for want of a teller, 

but for want of an understanding ear." 

- Stephen King - Different Seasons, The Body

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

You will get to the other side

of betrayal

My personal growth and self-discovery journey started when my 20+ year marriage encountered a devastating betrayal. Inspired by renowned experts, I integrated my 20-year C-Suite executive mentoring experience with my International Coaching Federation-recognized Evercoach Coaching Certification. Having successfully healed my own marriage years earlier, I have specialized in betrayal since 2017, assisting clients in transforming their pain into enduring liberation and meaningful change.

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