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Feeling betrayed? Want help? Additional Support for Overcoming Betrayal: Rediscover Your Inner Strength and Thrive

If you're among those who could benefit from having a trusted advisor to help you move past the hurt, regain trust, and find love and happiness on your terms, I'm here for you.

This page is devoted to providing you with a variety of resources, including articles, replays, and courses.  

Be sure to check out the blogs as well.

What you need to know now after betrayal Vanessa Cardenas

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Unraveling the Aftermath of Betrayal: A Comprehensive Free Quick Course Offering Immediate Answers and Actionable Steps

Unravel the complexities of betrayal with my FREE Quick Course, designed to provide immediate answers to your most pressing questions in the aftermath of betrayal discovery. Explore topics such as "What Just Happened?" and "Is This Betrayal?" to gain clarity and understanding.

Are you questioning "Why Me?" or wondering "What Now?" We provide three immediate action steps to guide you on the path toward healing and recovery.

As a bonus, this course unveils the #1 answer to most questions about betrayal, delves into the reasons betrayal hurts so much, and offers three effective ways to soothe yourself during this challenging time.

Join me in this journey of understanding betrayal, one question at a time. This quick course is your starting point to navigating the stormy seas of betrayal and emerging stronger and more resilient on the other side.

Vanessa Cardenas

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

A Message of Hope to Betrayed Wives: 

You Are Stronger Than You Think

(The Letter You Need to Read)

Vanessa Cardenas

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Choosing Wisely: The Key Factors to Consider When Hiring a Trusted Advisor

Did You Betray Your Partner?  Part 1

Since men are human, they can make mistakes. One aspect of life we make mistakes in is our relationships. Since so many studies show that a strong predictor of happiness and longevity is the quality of our relationships, betraying our partner is a significant issue.

Google says that nearly half of individuals in monogamous relationships admit to having an affair. Close to 25% of marriages stay together after an instance of cheating.

My guest today, Vanessa Cardenas, is your trusted advisor for Betrayal and Transformation. Vanessa is a highly experienced C-Suite Executive, Mentor, Coach, and Speaker with a degree in Industrial Psychology. She is also the founder and CEO of Understanding Ear, LLC, where she empowers individuals and groups to heal from betrayal, amplify their authenticity, and find love and happiness on their terms.

Vanessa delivers a master class on men who've betrayed their spouses but want to stay together. She shares the three aspects of cheating, why women can't just "get over it," and seven reasons why men cheat. You'll also learn what got Vanessa working with betrayal.

Be willing to have difficult conversations before betrayal to avoid needing them after.


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5 Minute Meditation

Please fix me 

One Woman's Please Upon Discovery of Betrayal

Empowering Books for Healing and Recovery: Discover Vanessa Cardenas' Insights as the Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Dealing With The Devastation of Your Partner's Betrayal

What To Do When Your World Falls Apart

Betrayal book by Vanessa Cardenas
E-book Got betrayed immediate action steps to take today

Dealing With The Devastation of Your Partner's Betrayal: 

How to Talk to Your Kids, Parents, In-Laws, Friends, and Others

Over 500 Ways to Talk to a New Man After Betrayal

Great Conversation Starters!

Betrayal book by Vanessa Cardenas
E-book Got betrayed immediate action steps to take today

Got Betrayed?

Don 't Know What To Do?

You Are Not Alone!

 Immediate Action Steps

Quick Guide

Three good reads that I recommend 

Out of the Doghouse

Out of the Doghouse

Get Out of the Doghouse and 

Back into Your Marriage!

The State of Affairs

The State of Affairs

Rethinking Infidelity

Love You, Hate the P0RN

Love You, Hate the P0RN

Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity

An inspiring coaching session with betrayal overcomer Kellee, Vanessa Donaldson, Reset Coach, and Guest Coach, Vanessa Cardenas, Trusted Advisor for Betrayal & Transformation

Kellee shares how she feels on the other side of betrayal, three years since Discovery. Kellee demonstrates her strength and resilience with a sense of humor and great self-awareness. Coach Vanessa guides the session with visuals to validate and support Kellee on her continued journey to healing from Intimate Partner Betrayal. 

 Take a listen to feel the joy and possibilities...there is hope and there is beauty on the other side of betrayal. You are not alone.

How to Handle Triggers

Five tips to help you deal with triggers caused by intimate partner betrayal

Featured Podcast Guest on Next Steps Academy

The Harsh Reality: What You Must Realize When You Betray Her Trust
Transforming Loss into Growth: 
Embracing Grief as an Opportunity for Personal Development
Revealing the Betrayal Recovery Roadmap: 
Unlocking the Secret to Healing and Inner Transformation

How to Heal from Betrayal - Quiet Quitting

Vanessa discusses the trend of quietly quitting a marriage. Quiet Quitting became a trend for workers as simply just doing their job as laid out in their job description instead of "going above and beyond". Within a marriage rocked by betrayal, quiet quitting refers to those that stay in the marriage but simply go through the motions without any real effort. Sometimes it is fear holding them back from leaving, financial reasons, they are staying together for the family, or simply staying to "save face".

How to Heal from Betrayal

9 Signs of a P0RN Addiction

 Vanessa discusses nine signs of a possible P0RN addiction as detailed from her experience working with clients to heal from betrayal. While each sign in and of itself might not be a concern, when stacked, they could point to a P0RN addiction that could harm the relationship.

P0RN use might be a very private matter, might be acceptable within 

the relationship, however if there is a boundary around it or it is 

becoming all consuming, it is time to discuss it with a trusted advisor, coach, therapist, or CSAT.

Overcoming Heartache: Thriving This Valentine's Day Despite Experiencing Betrayal

By following these tips, you and your partner can navigate Valentine's Day after infidelity and make progress in your relationship. 

Remember that healing takes time and that every small step forward is a step in the right direction.

Learn the Fundamentals of Mental Fitness

 A deep dive into Mental Fitness,  explore Positive Intelligence (mental fitness) where you will discover practical simple tools to train your brain to lean into better behavior choices and enhanced decision-making, and how building the three core mental muscles can help you achieve your goals

6 Phase Process Introduction

With warmth, intuition, and insight, I bring wisdom and compassion to the healing from betrayal process, enabling my clients to experience wholeness, well-being, and freedom never thought possible, 

one powerful chat at a time.


Experience a deep dive into reclaiming yourself and learn how to live in an empowered and resilient way with my proven 6 phase process which are highlighted in this introduction video. 

(see testimonials)

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