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Unlock Your Mind's Potential with the Revolutionary 6 Phase Meditation Method: Transform, Manifest, and Thrive!

Vanessa Cardenas is the only certified Six Phase Meditation Practitioner in Westchester County and Putnam County, New York.

Leading a revolution in meditation, entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author, Vishen Lakhiani interviewed nearly 1,000 neuroscientists, monks, yogis, and meditation experts over years of study. He distilled thousands of years of psycho-spiritual wisdom to create The 6 Phase Meditation Method--aka, meditation for badasses.

This meditation not only greatly enhances your brain power and emotional state, but completely transforms you — both consciously and unconsciously. It isn’t about clearing your mind; it’s about engaging your mind and manifesting abundance in every aspect of your life.

Used daily by athletes, artists, rock stars, and CEOs, the 6 Phase Meditation is a magic-making, joy-creating, productivity-inducing protocol that empowers you to get focused, find peace, and manifest your goals.

Within Vishen Lakhiani’s years of meditation research, he noted that there were 6 main areas of life that humans need to tend to every day. Aiming to hack meditation and create something that would allow the meditator to “level-up,” on a daily basis, in each of these 6 areas, he designed this incredibly powerful, 20-minute 6 Phase Guided Meditation.

Trained and certified by Vishen Lakhiani

Vanessa will guide you through creative visualizations, mind exercises, and the following six phases to help you uplevel your meditation practice (and your life):

1. Compassion

2. Gratitude

3. Freedom from negative charges/forgiveness

4. Creative visualization

5. Intentions for the day

6. Blessing

Each phase teaches you a scientifically-backed method for boosting happiness, gratitude, compassion, peace of mind, and mindfulness.

Use this short and simple method that contains only the best meditation techniques, creative visualizations, and mental exercises for personal growth.

The Six Phase Meditation manifests abundance into every aspect of your life using a dynamic 6-phase meditation technique.

Vanessa is available for private (via Zoom) and group sessions (live/in-person) in New York City, Westchester, and Putnam County.

The 6 Phase Meditation Method: The Proven Technique to Supercharge Your Mind, Manifest Your Goals, and Make Magic in Minutes a Day

By Vishen Lakhiani

The New York Times bestselling author of The Buddha and the Badass and The Code of the Extraordinary Mind shares the secret weapon of the world's top achievers: his signature hyper-efficient meditation program that anyone can make time for.

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